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Our web based SMS Communicator allows you to send texts messages in seconds. SMS Communicator is the highly effective medium with advanced & obvious features allowing you to send texts online in seconds.

Send SMS - SMS Communicator allows you to send SMS texts to an individual or groups of people online in seconds. We at Innovative Text backup this invaluable technology with amazing support. Regardless of the size of your operation or the scale of your campaign, a tailor made plan of bulk SMS texts awaits your mobile marketing promotional strategy..
Receive SMS – Embrace the quality of using an SMS marketing short code or a dedicated mobile number so that your customers can communicate directly with your business in seconds. Capture mobile numbers for future communication, and provide requested information immediately. Messages can be forwarded to email, websites or another phone.
Get Instant feedback – Taking polls, surverys from your customers is an excellent way to know what they are thinking and how you can offer them your services in an even better more efficient way.
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Alerts & Reminders
Use our SMS Services to send alerts and reminders about events, appointments, payments, disasters and situations.

Use for Event, Appointment & Payment reminders. Send disaster, Services disruption & safety alerts.

See how it works...
Dear John, You have registered for Service on Tue, 25 Feb. Your medical appointment is on Thu, 4 March at 1330 hrs with Amy Higdon.
Two Way Messaging
User our 2 way messaging long code and short code to interact and build customer relationships. Connect your CRM with API!

Use for Surveys, Polls, Voting, Context, CRM, feedbacks and premium rate campaigns

See how it works...
In your most recent customer service experience, if you were less than totally satisfied, what could have been done to serve you better?
SMS notification can be used keep customer information which reduces the churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Use SMS Notification for: Banking, healthcare, retail, Travel And Hospitality Industry

See how it works...
You've successfully added ASBC BANK PLC bank account x-xx24 for funds transfer. Reference No is 2017753
Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS Services and Text API to send and receive messages. We enable business to connect & interact with customers via SMS services.

User it for promotions, alerts, information sharing.

See how it works...
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2 Way Text Messaging Communication

The SMS Communicator is a highly effective medium that pairs expected and advanced features allowing you to send texts online in seconds. This highly international SMS tool allows businesses and individuals to send personalized, bespoke bulk SMS messages and receive direct replies from email & SMS platforms. Run your mobile marketing campaigns directly from your computer. Campaign targeting, scheduling, real-time reports & analytics all out-of-the-box. Sign up for your free account today and benefit from these excellent marketing features.
Innovative Text SMS Communicator is a web-based, bulk SMS tool that allows you to send personalized bulk SMS messages and receive replies directly into your free Inbox. There is no new hardware to install or complex software to learn, and there is not even a download. Simply sign up for your free account and access our services from wherever you have a working Internet connection.


Global Reach!

SMS Communicator allows you to connect with any mobile phone in over 200 countries. Our service works in conjunction with well-established network providers across each country and zone to provide the best possible service to you..

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