sms for business - Send & Receive Text Messages

Send Bulk Text Online
Send Bulk Text Messages
Send Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign online.  Web based system to send bulk text messages, full control and access from anywhere.  No setup Fee. No contract Period. Free Trial!

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Great Food, Just loved the apple pie...wanted to pay by credit card. Will visit again with my family.

Receive SMS Messages
Receive text message from your customer. Use SMS short code or get a virtual mobile number to receive text replies of campaigns, Surveys, contests, Poll and Information gathering.

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SMS Text API Gateway
SMS Text Developer API Gateway
Send & receive text messages with our SMS API. It offers simple and reliable messaging solution, ready to be integrated with any application. Global Coverage, No VPN required & Instant delivery reports.

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Alerts & Reminders
Use our SMS Services to send alerts and reminders about events, appointments, payments, disasters and situations.

Use for Event, Appointment & Payment reminders. Send disaster, Services disruption & safety alerts.

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Dear John, You have registered for Service on Tue, 25 Feb. Your medical appointment is on Thu, 4 March at 1330 hrs with Amy Higdon.
Two Way Messaging
User our 2 way messaging long code and short code to interact and build customer relationships. Connect your CRM with API!

Use for Surveys, Polls, Voting, Context, CRM, feedbacks and premium rate campaigns

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In your most recent customer service experience, if you are not fully satisfied, what we could have done better?
SMS notification can be used keep customer information which reduces the churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Use SMS Notification for: Banking, healthcare, retail, Travel And Hospitality Industry

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You've successfully added ASBC BANK PLC bank account x-xx24 for funds transfer. Reference No is 2017753
Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS Services and Text API to send and receive messages. We enable business to connect & interact with customers via SMS services.

User it for promotions, alerts, information sharing.

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Enjoy 25% off at Furniture UK, when you spend more than 200 dollars. Voucher code is X25YTRH

SMS API Gateway - Send & receive business text Messages

Innovative Text is Cloud based SMS API Gateway, recognize the potential of Bulk SMS as a marketing communication channel.  Lets you send and receive high volume of messages with 100% deliverability rate. We makes it easy to build text messaging applications that can Send and Receive messages with virtual mobile number / long code and short codes.

Our web based tool allows two Way SMS messaging for business of all sizes. Offers SMS marketing Services to engage customers and grow business. With its unnique ability to send and receive sms text messages online; business can increase customer loyalty and reduces churn.

Our Mission is to be the global provider of Global text messaging API, to send and receive text messages. We aim direct to carrier model that improves delivery ratios and lowers latency.

SMS Gateway API

Our Bulk SMS Gateway API allows you to Integrate SMS Messaging Into Your Systems. The text messaging allows you to build next generation mobile marketing strategy direct from your script. Our Global API allows you to reach 400 billion mobile users across 200+ countries. Boost your customer interactions by integrating the text messaging API directly in to your application or customer relationship system.

Pay As You Go Service. No Setup
Fee. No Contract Period.
Free Trail!

No Credit Card Required
Use Two Factor SMS Authentication
Sensitive Information? Use Two Factor Authentication Service to protect your application and enhance defense against hackers and data thieves....

Market and Distribute Your Mobile Apps
Are you wondering why your beautifully designed and fluid mobile app does not attract customers at the rate you forecasted?

As a Professional when it comes to SMS marketing,I tried a few companies. Innovative Text had a fantastic, user friendly system which had all the standard features in a clean design. Support for the setup was efficient and helpful and the service is very reliable. With their API I've also sent texts - seamless! -
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