SMS Text Services for Marketing

Our SMS & Mobile Marketing Solutions help companies meet their objectives in terms of communication, image, direct marketing and promotion, relational marketing and retention and interactivity.
Innovative Text is able to exploit the relational potential of new mobile technologies whilst adhering to special regulations for these techniques (operator environment, cinematics etc) and the protection of consumers´ personal data.
Always targeting the promotion of new products or services, of brands through corporate marketing operations, the panel of our solutions includes :
Bulk SMS campaigns
Quizzes & Lotteries
Branded mega-promotion
Dedicated mobile sites and mobile applications
Relational marketing
Retain customers and increase spend with our Loyalty & Retention solution. Our solution can help your business to;
Know your customers
Improve customer loyalty
Tailor offers to customers
Drive business in at quiet times
Keep in touch with customer

Proud to be UK's Leading SMS / Mobile Marketing Solution Provider!!

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