Two Way Messaging & Longcodes

We give you a confronting collaboration with your prospect by our two way messaging and shortcodes service. We give you ease of comparative long code so that you have no more clash of long digit numbers for sending sms, mms and any other message. you can simply use our service and send any sms, mms, notifications, alerts, reminders, any property or any update, any value added service and much more in couple of seconds by using our service that surely suits your time and pocket.
Two way messaging and long codes::
We give you handsome services by our long codes:
You can remind appointments, meetings, due payments, deadlines etc to your customer by using our value added service.
You can send appropriate on time alerts to your prospects. any health and safety alert, business alerts, product alerts, security alerts, danger alerts.
Let your customers be known the latest versions , or updates in your programme, software or any of your product.
You can notify your customers by simply sending them relevant , meaningful notifications through our unbeatable service.
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