Two Factor SMS Text Authentication

Every company demands secure ways to protect users, and while providing stability for apps becomes more difficult, companies have often turned to investing in complex hardware and software. Today, however, protecting against account takeovers and data theft does not require one inch of hardware nor heavy software. Your solution lies in exploring the simple and effective defense of SMS authentication.

A user attempts to login to your web/mobile application
Your app triggers a text message with security pin
Upon receiving the message, the user enters the pin into their destination and gains access.

These simple steps have a profound effect on the strength of the connection between the user and your company, whether you offer a mobile or web application and can supported across any IT system no matter what sector you are in. Consistency is as important as innovation in the mobile world and there is nothing better than representing both to current and potential customers.

Your Pin Cod is 789585.

Security & Sensibility

This fashion of securing access is becoming increasingly popular due to its facility, sensibility and efficiency. The impact on the user is only positive as each successful entry reassures the protection of their information. As the account’s access is now also linked to the phone number’s unique address it becomes increasingly difficult for hackers to compromise this information simultaneously the company benefits from simple inscription to this service and not needing to install additional software.


Use Innovative Text to Secure your System

Our SMS cloud API provide excellent access, tracking and documentation.  We know there is nothing more important than the security of your IT system, web and mobile applications, and Innovative Text’s API will help you achieve this for you and your customers. Integrating these authentication messaging services into your app or website with the API Gateway Solution is simple and a great tool for reassuring customers that you are ready for an increasingly mobile future.

Text Authentication API

Send and receive text messages directly from and to your web application or IT systems via our powerful API. With access to our well-documented and supported API (Application Programming Interface) you will be able to connect directly to our Messaging Platform. Easily integrate our messaging services with your website, software or CRM application in PERL, PHP, ASP, .NET, Java or any other language.


Building the future.

Commit a few minutes of your time to developing this feature and gain access to every mobile phone on the planet. This can be done using any programming language (PHP, .NET, Java, etc…) and is as simple as starting a web page. After finding the target recipients’ mobile numbers in your database or contact list, you simply build the message content string. Plus access to the API Gateway is free, meaning you only pay for the SMS credits at bulk prices!

Our Messaging Solution includes;

Send and receive text messages directly from and to your web application or IT systems via our API.
Online SMS Communicator Online SMS Communicator
Our Online Bulk SMS Communicator makes it easy to create, send & track SMS marketing campaigns.
SMS Text Survey & Poll SMS Text Survey & Poll
Our SMS communicator allows your customers to submit their feedback / opinion about your product/services.
Two Factor SMS Text Authentication
Two Factor SMS Text Authentication

Sensitive Information? Use Two Factor Authentication Service to protect your application and enhance defense against hackers and data thieves
Mobile App Distribution Mobile App Distribution
Are you wondering why your beautifully designed and fluid mobile app does not attract customers at the rate you forecasted? Using our bulk SMS message services can be one of the best gateway solutions for connecting mobile phone users to your apps.