Taxi Text Alerts & Booking

This incredibly simple process is as convenient for taxi dispatchers as it is for their clients. By connecting
a dispatch service to Innovative Textís Bulk Messaging cloud based services, communication between requests
and availability has never been clearer.

Announced Vehicle Arrivals

Send your client a text to alert them when their vehicle is arriving. By accompanying this with a reference number, and details concerning the make of the automobile the customer will be sure that the vehicle they are boarding is the right one. These steps assure the safety of the connection and the transaction and by meeting the customerís expectations time after time; a sense of loyalty will develop.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Adding to the customer satisfaction, there is the comfort of your customer no longer needing to stand on the street in wait for their ride. Sending time sensitive text messages allows for seamless transitions from the inside of their home to the interior of your licensed taxi or private hired vehicle.

The browser never sounded so good

This service allows a taxi company to seem personal, transparent and ultimately convenient to customers. Offer them the ability to:
1. Text from home.By including their address and house number, the taxi will know exactly where to be.
2. From another locale.Texting the name of a local establishment will prompt a response for related, known locations from which to choose.
3. Receive a confirmation text.

Taxi dispatchers using Innovative Text’s bulk SMS services also increase their traffic and effectiveness. Dispatching via SMS text message allows you to receive all responses at the dedicated number we provide you - making your job wonderfully organized and simple. The SMS format ensures support across all your customers’ mobile platform, meaning no one will miss out on a ride.
Drivers also experience increased On-job frequency. Rather than spending hours roaming in search of customers, information is delivered directly to their handheld and they can react promptly.