Build your Restaurant, bar / Nightclub’s Buzz via SMS Marketing

There are plenty of well-known and tirelessly explored mediums for promoting nightclubs, and owners know that it is often easy to lose track of what is paying off, and what is creating image and financial drag. An SMS marketing campaign is an excellent way to maintain low costs, brand control and restrict uncertainty on a given night’s promotion performance. By using Innovative Text Bulk Messaging services you offer:
  • A touch of personality
  • Special VIP offers
  • Reduced admission
  • Drink specials and other enticing offers

Use SMS Marketing to Bring People In

Strategic text campaigns give your business an opportunity to be directly in the minds of your customers while they plan their nights out. Texting also provides balance to your e-mail, social media and web messages, and in some respects can be counted on to replace physical flyers. Innovative Text’s SMS Communicator is the ultimate tool for connecting with your audience. This product will help you reach your audience exactly when you want, no matter where they are.

Ways to Use Text Marketing

1. Nightclubs and restaurants promote and blast text campaigns through may promotional forms, whether the traditional event flyer, e-mail mention or in-club signs & DJ shout-outs. Patrons absorb these messages and react.

2. Customers/patrons text your Keyword to the short code text address, which you are provided by Innovative Text, and automatically receive the SMS text message you design. These messages are your opportunity to communicate directly to all your patrons at once! The possibilities are endless.

3. Send out mass texts to your entire contact list whenever you need to instantly communicate with your subscribers. Use these texts as another strategy for reinforcing your overall promotion efforts

4. Encourage your list to share with their friends and family. Gain more foot traffic and better numbers!

Keep Them Coming Back

Bringing customers into your club provides the opportunity to expand your database of phone numbers. By running first-to-text contests for customers already inside the venue, you can gain hundreds of phone numbers by offering the chance to win a given prize. As customers text in you gain enormous proportional value. The growing popularity of this service has many proven results with several bar & nightclubs across the globe.

Using Innovative Text for your Promotions

• Create special promotions
• Promote and organize pub crawls
• Promote hourly, nightly, weekly or monthly drink specials
• Use computer to mobile device texting to promote your DJ and even take Karaoke requests