Here we are enabling you to notify your customers, sellers, partners, buyers or your any end user regarding your product , service or any other important updation or information.
You can use our notification service in the following terms:
Education Notification:
We enable the Educational institutes to notify student parents about any meeting, event or by sending any regulatory implementation or any important notification to the staff and educational community by using our praiseworthy approach.
Health Care Notifications:
Keep the society healthier by notifying people about a healthier living standard, promoting health and safety information among people,and serve people by promoting awareness among them about the healthier diets, life style by using our effective approach.
Customer Notifications:
Keep yourself in touch with your customers by notifying them with certain important information, updations, meeting and many more.
IT/software Notifications:
Notify people about the software you deployed , notify them about the precautions they must take and any updation if occur and the any version updation.
Call Center Notifications:
Notify your customers about any new launch or any new offer any new , attractive package and make your business flourish.
And many more notifications s you would like to notify the people, innovative texting with its innovational services is always here for you.
Lets move innovatively , lets step up your business !!!!...
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