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Are you wondering why your beautifully designed and fluid mobile app does not attract customers at the rate you forecasted? All the necessities of a blockbuster exist, but competition is stiffer than ever. You need an advantage to let your app shine with the same quality as its content. Using our bulk SMS message services can be one of the best gateway solutions for connecting mobile phone users to your apps.

Import Contact - Create Contact Groups and then use Import contacts, functionality to import CSV File that contains the contacts' names and mobile phone numbers.
Send SMS  Enter the text and personalize, add the the link to app store
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Mobile App Distribution Via SMS

Mobile App Distribution Via SMS

Using a website with a landing page is a good start for showing and sharing your app with the world. Visitors will come and go, but maximizing on their fleeting attentions increasingly difficult. The best solution is facilitating the download of your app on the spot, and going one step further by making it easy for your new users to share with their friends.
Make sure your app gets downloaded

Make sure your app gets downloaded

Provide potential users with a secure mode of entry for the visitor’s phone number with a “get the app” button. They will instantly receive an SMS with a download link, and with one more tap they’re signed up. The SMS allows universal support across all mobile platforms.
Mobile App Distrubtioin

Mobile App Distribution was never so easy

  • This powerful distribution channel allows flexibility between devices, and diminishes the possibility of being swiped past or looked over in the app store.
  • Convert web users into customers more frequently.
  • Increase your downloads by getting your app onto mobile phones in mere seconds.
  • Reach your users without geopolitical limitations as Innovative Text operates in over 200 countries
  • Remove friction between the potential user and installing the app on their phone.
  • Immediately bypass obstacles for more explosive growth.
  • Go to market much faster, and maintain cost control by purchasing text bundles.
  • If the user likes what they see they can invite friends. Put these fans to work and watch the viral success of your app explode.

Innovative Text Mobile App Distribution Services

Use our any Text bulk text products – the SMS Communicator and the Gateway API to send your application to consumers instantly.

The SMS Communicator is the perfect tool for launching your app from the internet directly onto your customers’ mobile devices. Within the SMS you can reinforce your brand identity, expand your network of saved contacts as well as deliver the product.

The Global SMS API is your other solution. Use Innovative Text’s cloud-based SMS API that lets you send and receive high volume of messages at cheapest rates. Now you can reach billions of mobile phones around the world. Send your application via SMS to over 200 countries and 800 carriers.


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Our Messaging Solution includes;

Send and receive text messages directly from and to your web application or IT systems via our API.
Online SMS Communicator Online SMS Communicator
Our Online Bulk SMS Communicator makes it easy to create, send & track SMS marketing campaigns.
SMS Text Survey & Poll SMS Text Survey & Poll
Our SMS communicator allows your customers to submit their feedback / opinion about your product/services.
Two Factor SMS Text Authentication
Two Factor SMS Text Authentication

Sensitive Information? Use Two Factor Authentication Service to protect your application and enhance defense against hackers and data thieves