Long codes are virtual mobile numbers or rather 10 digit virtual mobile numbers. This number helps the user to interact with applications, and also get responses from them via text messages. Virtual mobile numbers are of a lot of help because the long codes help the people to send text messages all over the world, rather than sending messages within a country. It is extremely beneficial for enterprises who do not want their customers to pay premium SMS charges while contacting the enterprise. The low prices of the virtual numbers are great way too reach out to the customers in a hassle free and affordable manner.

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Innovative Text helps one send text messages all over the globe at very affordable prices. It is the pioneer of SMS services and has been the best in the business. The company is dedicated to help people send and receive messages in a hassle-free manner at very low prices. A number of companies have been more than happy to be associated with Innovative Text because of its top notch services. The company has deliberately and consistently kept the SMS rates low so that, different kinds of enterprises do not have to think twice before making an association with the company.

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United States

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The company is the fastest developing providers of SMS. They help boost customer interactions with enterprises; this is of great help to the companies because customers find the company reliable if he/she can put forward their queries without many problems. Since mobile marketing is the need of the hour, long codes or virtual numbers can help companies keep up with the changing techniques of marketing.

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By now you might be wondering that the service we offer must be pretty rigorous to sign up for given all the technical details it brings with it. To be honest, all it takes for you to sign up on are some simple clicks of the mouse and a couple of minutes from your time to fill up one or two forms.

So start off, go to the home page of our website, which is You will see a ‘Free Sign Up’ button at the top right corner of the page. Click on it, and you will be forwarded to a registration page asking for your email address. Put your email address in the text box and wait for a confirmation mail from our site.

After you receive the confirmation mail, follow the link and complete the rest of the registration process. It will ask for simple details from you like your name, address, mobile phone number and so on. However, do not forget to pick a strong password for the safety of your account in the future.

After you are done within a couple of minutes, submit the form and hover your mouse on the ‘Receive SMS Online tab’. You will find the tab on the top menu bar, second from left. Hovering on it will bring up two options, ‘Inbox’ and ‘Create Inbox’. Since this is the first time for you, click the ‘Create Inbox’ option to get to your inbox.

Clicking ‘Create Inbox’ will take you to a new page where you will be asked to put down your location and your desired country to send international SMS and so on. Fill it up according to the guideline. You will also find the option to choose a virtual number and the type of package better suited for your business. After you are done with the billing information, click on the order now button at the bottom of the page.

After this, you will be redirected to a PayPal page through which you will be able to put down your PayPal account details. This page contains standard PayPal procedures. If you are familiar with shopping online and similar stuff using PayPal, this page will be familiar to you. If you are new to such pages, it will still be easy to fill up the form and be done with your registration with Innovativetxt for international SMS.

So if you are in need of long codes to help your business prosper, don’t hesitate to contact us. Sign up with us to discover more about our interactive online text support and SMS marketing tools. We call help you with two-way incoming and outgoing SMS campaigns in the aforementioned countries to come up with the best marketing solutions for your products and services.



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