SMS SHORT Code & Mobile Virtual Number

Receive replies from your customer via our SMS Short code and Virtual Mobile numbers. Currently offering 2 way
communication for 20+ countries.

SMS Short Codes

SMS Short Codes

The short code is 4 – 6 digit number that can be used to send and receive text messages. The SMS short code are easy to remember and can be used as a direct response tool for TV, radio, and print advertising.
Virtual Mobile Number

Virtual Mobile Number

Long codes are 10-12 digit regular mobile number and it is very easy to get one. Long code is basically the mobile number of that region. can be Long Code can also be used as a direct response tool for TV, radio, and print advertising.
Instantly Activate your Virutal Mobile Number Online

Instantly Activate your Virtual Mobile Number Online

Get your own dedicated number, and receive messages sent against the number. End user will be charged for normal SMS rates. You can receive messages online or integrate with your application via our API.


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Our Messaging Solution includes;

Send and receive text messages directly from and to your web application or IT systems via our API.
Online SMS Communicator Online SMS Communicator
Our Online Bulk SMS Communicator makes it easy to create, send & track SMS marketing campaigns.
SMS Text Survey & Poll SMS Text Survey & Poll
Our SMS communicator allows your customers to submit their feedback / opinion about your product/services.
Two Factor SMS Text Authentication
Two Factor SMS Text Authentication

Sensitive Information? Use Two Factor Authentication Service to protect your application and enhance defense against hackers and data thieves
Mobile App Distribution Mobile App Distribution
Are you wondering why your beautifully designed and fluid mobile app does not attract customers at the rate you forecasted? Using our bulk SMS message services can be one of the best gateway solutions for connecting mobile phone users to your apps.