Virtually Hosted SIM cards (VSIMs) are an innovative solution for providing high quality, reliable and cost effective SMS reply paths in markets where local Mobile Network Operators may not offer wholesale virtual MSISDN services.

Innovative’s VSIM  products gives you the flexibility of GSM modem solution with high performance, reliability and throughput of a dedicated (MSISDN). This boosted throughput and reliability is facilitated by “roaming” SIM cards sourced locally from the target territory onto Innovative’s carrier infrastructure. The source carrier then forwards any Mobile Originated (MO) messages addressed to the VSIM transparently through the SS7 network to Innovative Text where they are intercepted before they traverse the radio network and redirected to our customer facing APIs.

As the inbound messages are intercepted at the SS7 level the VSIM service offers high reliability and a more robust inbound messaging service than traditional GSM modem solutions, eliminating issues linked with SIM drop out or poor radio reception. Throughput is also markedly improved with VSIMs able to process in excess of 50 msg/sec as compared to approximately 1 msg/sec for a GSM modem.

The VSIM solution is ideal for enterprise, aggregation, marketing and SaaS customers looking to enable their services for 2-way messaging.







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