2 way sms to united kingdom via virtual sms numbers

Two way SMS text message to UK operators, via UK direct route. Send and Recive high volumes text messages online with you brand/orgranization name. Easy to Use HTTP or SMPP application interfaces (API) and get high performance and reliable delivery at the best wholesale rates for your volumes. Below is the list of support operators for United Kingdom.

Operators Coverage
3   ✔
Airtel Jersey   ✔
BT Mobile   ✔
C&W Jersey   ✔
Cloud9   ✔
FleXtel   ✔
HSL   ✔
JSC Ingenium   ✔
Lycamobile   ✔
Marathon Telecom   ✔
now broadband   ✔
O2   ✔
OnePhone   ✔
Orange   ✔
Orange, T-Mobile, EE   ✔
PMN   ✔
Pronto   ✔
Routo   ✔
Stour Marine   ✔
Synectiv   ✔
TalkTalk Business   ✔
Teleena   ✔
Tismi   ✔
Tru   ✔
UK01   ✔
Vectone mobile   ✔
Vodafone   ✔

http://www.telesignmobile.com/sms/china.php ( Change country here).

united kingdom virtual SMS numbers


You can find Things about each country virtual mobile number limitation and coveragt


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