2 way sms to united states via virtual sms numbers

Send and Recieve SMS text message to United States over regular phone numbers and short codes through a web intefrace and simple REST API. Send high volumes text messages with your brand/orgranization name. Easy to Use HTTP or SMPP application interfaces (API), offering high performance and reliable delivery at the best wholesale rates for your volumes. Below is the list of supported operators forUnited States.

Operators Coverage
Appalachian Wireless   ✔
ASTAC Cellular - CellularOne   ✔
AT&T Mobility   ✔
Bluegrass Cellular   ✔
Bug Tussel Wireless   ✔
Carolina West Wireless   ✔
Cellcom   ✔
Cellular One   ✔
Cellular One of East Central Illinois   ✔
Cellular One of Northeast Pennsylvania   ✔
CellularOne of East Texas   ✔
Centennial Wireless   ✔
Chariton Valley Cellular   ✔
Chat Mobility   ✔
Cincinnati Bell Wireless   ✔
Commnet Wireless   ✔
Copper Valley Wireless   ✔
Cordova Wireless   ✔
Corr Wireless   ✔
Cricket   ✔
Crossroads Wireless   ✔
Custer Telephone Wireless   ✔
cv cellular   ✔
Edge Wireless   ✔
Einstein PCS   ✔
Element Mobile   ✔
Emery Telcom   ✔
Fisher Wireless   ✔
Five Star Wireless   ✔
GCI Cellular   ✔
Get Mobile   ✔
Golden State Cellular   ✔
i wireless   ✔
Illinois Valley Cellular   ✔
Immix Wireless   ✔
Indigo Wireless   ✔
Long Lines Wireless   ✔
metroPCS   ✔
Mid-Rivers Wireless   ✔
Mid-Tex Cellular   ✔
Midwest Wireless   ✔
Mohave Wireless   ✔
MTA Wireless   ✔
Nemont   ✔
NEP Wireless   ✔
New Dimension Wireless   ✔
Nex-Tech Wireless   ✔
Northeast Wireless   ✔
Northstar Technology   ✔
Northwest Missouri Cellular   ✔
Oklahoma Western Telephone Company   ✔
PACE   ✔
PetroCom   ✔
Pine Belt Wireless   ✔
Pine Cellular   ✔
PinPoint Wireless   ✔
Pioneer Cellular   ✔
PLATEAU Wireless   ✔
Proximity Mobility   ✔
PTCI Wireless, Bonfire   ✔
SI Wireless   ✔
Simmetry   ✔
Snake River PCS   ✔
Southern LINC   ✔
Sprint, Nextel   ✔
Sprocket Wireless   ✔
SRT Wireless   ✔
T-Mobile   ✔
TelAlaska Cellular   ✔
Telemetrix   ✔
Thumb Cellular   ✔
Trans Texas PCS   ✔
TSI   ✔
U.S. Cellular   ✔
UBET Wireless   ✔
Union Cellular   ✔
United Wireless   ✔
Verizon Wireless   ✔
Viaero Wireless   ✔
WestLink Communications   ✔
Wilkes   ✔


United States Virtual SMS Mobile Numbers

Last but not least, Virtual Mobile Number packages in the USA are same as UK. Supported networks are ACS Wireless, Advantage Cellular, Alltel, AmeriLink PCS, Appalachian Wireless, ASTAC Cellular - CellularOne , AT&T Mobility, Bluegrass Cellular, Bug Tussel Wireless and Carolina West Wireless. Each outbound SMS here costs very low ,unbeatable cheap rate with inbound massages as always free. 


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