2 way sms to netherlands via virtual sms numbers

Send and Recieve SMS text message to Netherlands over regular phone numbers and short codes through a web intefrace and simple REST API. Send high volumes text messages with your brand/orgranization name. Easy to Use HTTP or SMPP application interfaces (API), offering high performance and reliable delivery at the best wholesale rates for your volumes. Below is the list of supported operators for Netherlands.

Operators Coverage
ASPIDER Solutions   ✔
ElephantTalk   ✔
Intercity Zakelijk   ✔
KPN   ✔
Lancelot   ✔
Lycamobile   ✔
Private Mobility   ✔
T-Mobile NL   ✔
Tele2 Mobiel   ✔
Teleena   ✔
Unify Mobile   ✔
UPC Mobile   ✔
Vectone Mobile   ✔
Vodafone   ✔
Voiceworks Mobile   ✔
Ziggo Mobile   ✔



Netherlands Virtual SMS Mobile Numbers

In the European country of Netherlands, you can send outbound messages at unbeatable price, while inbound messages are free. Supported operators in this country are 6GMOBILE, ASPIDER Solutions, ElephantTalk, Intercity Zakelijk, KPN, Lancelot, Lycamobile, T-Mobile NL, Tele2 Mobiel and Teleena. 


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